Friendship Messages

Friendship is never an accident... it is something one has to nurture
over the years. I hope every year our friendship becomes stronger.

It takes time to build a castle, It takes longer to make a friend
Happy Friendship Day to a friend where friendship is more precious
than the richest castle.

Friendship is a place where dreams are nurtured, shared, celebrated, a
place where happiness begins.

There are no strings attached to a friendship, no bonds to hold
or ties to bind. Friendship stand on its own.

With you beside my friend I have seen my world becoming a beautiful
place....My dreams turning into reality.

Friends like you are rare indeed they shine just like a star and words
alone can hardly say, how wonderful and special you are ... For when the
world turns cold and life is difficult to bear its comforting to know,
you will....forever be there.

Your friendship is a treasured gift that I hold very dear, For the love
of a friend can mean so very much, Each hour, each day, all year and I'm
really glad your here. And I am hoping you will know what warmth is in
this thought.. You came into my life unexpected and God bless you...
For the many joys that your friendship's brought.
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