The minister of a city church enjoyed a drink now and then, but his
passion was for peach brandy. One of his congregants would make him a
bottle each Christmas. One year, when the minister went to visit his
friend, hoping for his usual Christmas present, he was not disappointed,
but his friend told him that he had to thank him for the peach brandy
from the pulpit the next Sunday.
In his haste to get the bottle, the minister hurriedly agreed and left.
So the next Sunday the minister suddenly remembered that he had to make
a public announcement that he was being supplied alcohol from a member
of the church. That morning, his friend sat in the church with a grin
on his face, waiting to see the minister's embarrassment.
The minister climbed into the pulpit and said, "Before we begin, I have
an announcement. I would very much like to thank my friend, Joe, for
his kind gift of peaches ... and for the spirit in which they were given!"
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