Friendship Day Flowers

Flowers are one of the most sought after gift for Friendship Day!
Though people may give any flower to their friends as a Friendship
Day greetings, world over Yellow Rose is recognized as the official
flowers for Friendship Day.

Symbolism of Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose was chosen as the official flower for Friendship Day
festival because it symbolizes joy, friendship, delight, promise of
a new beginning, "remember me", and "I care". Florists say, a yellow
rose with red tip stands for friendship and falling in love.

Tradition of Gifting Yellow Rose on Friendship Day
Popularity of yellow rose as a Friendship Day flower has grown up
tremendously over the years. Every year on Friendship Day florists
do extensive marketing for the promotion of Yellow Rose as a friendship
flower. The idea seems to have caught up with youth as they exchange
bouquets of Yellow Roses with all their friends. Tradition of exchanging
single buds of yellow rose is also quite popular amongst youth across the
world. No wonder, price of yellow rose escalates sharply on Friendship Day.
In the present technologically advanced age, people find it convenient to
order flowers online especially for friends staying in other cities.

Origin of Yellow Roses
It is said that yellow wild roses were discovered growing in the Middle East
somewhere in the 18th Century. These wild roses from Afghanistan and Southwest
Asia blossomed in colors from pale yellow to deep sulphur. When these pretty
looking yellow roses were brought back to Europe they caused a sensation. Soon
they were planted and the first attempts at hybridization with yellow roses took
place. However, The yellow rose species were not capable of resistance to a
dreadful fungal disease called blackspot. Besides, some of them emitted a very
foul scent. But with time and patience, the hybridizes began turning out some
lovely creations. Today, Yellow roses have come a long way since that first
introduction. They demonstrate tremendous vigor both as shrubs and climbers and
come in a variety of flower form from single to densely petal packed doubles in
many glorious shades of pale lemon creams, deep golds, true yellows, buff yellows,
peach yellows and coppery yellows. In addition, the rather undesirable scent
characteristics prevalent in the original species roses have been bred out and
replaced by more pleasing perfumes!

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