Friendship is Divine

In Genesis 18:17-33, we read about God sharing His ideas with Abraham.
Abraham responds by telling God his thoughts and feelings about the
situation. God and Abraham are able to do this because they trusted
and respect each other. First Samuel 20 focuses on the friendship
of David and Jonathan. These two men truly cared for each other and
had great trust and confidence in one another. David was running for
his life from Jonathan's father, Saul. Jonathan recognized that David
was innocent. Because of the true friendship they shared, David survived
Saul's assassination attempts and went on to become one of Israel's
greatest kings. Real and true friendship involves freedom of choice,
accountability, truth, and forgiveness.
Peter and Jesus give us this example:
Peter, afraid for his life after Jesus is led away from the Garden of
Gethsemane, denies knowing Jesus (John 18). As He is led away by His
accusers, Jesus casts a look towards Peter that says, "I knew you would
deny Me, and I forgive you" (John 21). Real friendship looks at the heart,
not just the "packaging." Genuine friendship loves for love's sake, not
just for what it can get in return.
True friendship is both challenging and exciting. It risks, it overlooks
faults, and it loves unconditionally, but it also involves being truthful,
even though it may hurt.
Genuine friendship, also called "agape" love, comes from the Lord.
The Lord Jesus calls us His friends and He laid down His life for us
(John 15).
God is always with you (Hebrews 13:5). He calls us to be His hands and
feet in a world
starving for true friendship.

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